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Testimonials on the beneficial effects of Genacol®


Medica Solutions Pte Ltd has collected, on this page, some of the many testimonials it receives regularly from Genacol® users.

View the video testimonials from happy customers who have received positive health results by using Genacol®.

Huguette Bertrand PDF Print E-mail



Testimonial received by Internet – August 17, 2008

I am not a fan either of prescription medicine or natural products. Last spring I was in Bretagne and a friend from Quebec sent me an email about Genacol® Instant. I couldn’t find any in Bretagne so as soon I as returned to Quebec at the beginning of June, I obtained some Genacol® Instant and Genacol® capsules.

Before I purchased, I did some research on the Web about collagen deficiency which happens as we get older. I was curious so I tried Genacol® products. I felt relief from my back pain although it didn’t completely disappear, taking into account the psychological aspect of all pain that happens through our lifetime.

In short, I recommend Genacol® gel and capsules since I have personally experienced the benefits.

Huguette Bertrand

Laurentides, Quebec

Ann Collins PDF Print E-mail



August 18th, 2008

I am 82 years old; I will be 83 in November. For 15 years I have suffered with fibromyalgia. Easter this year, I fell down the stairs from a balcony into a wall at the bottom. I fractured my left shoulder and tore ligaments in both hips.

I was going for physiotherapy 3 times a week, but did not get any relief in my hips. It was very difficult and painful to walk or stand. A friend suggested I try Genacol®. I began taking three tablets – morning and night. After the 6th day, I notice I did not have the severe pain when I got up in the morning.

I have continued take Genacol® morning and night. I now have no pain in my hips or joints. The swelling in my hands and feet has gone. It is so wonderful to be without pain!

I recommend Genacol® to anyone with pain in joints.

Thank you Genacol®!

Mrs Ann Collins,

Mississauga, Ontario


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