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Genacol® and sleep PDF Print E-mail


Sleep is not an interruption of activity in the body; it is just another form of activity. It is indispensable for recovery.



Research has proven that a great part of the metabolic work essential to repair the body takes place when we sleep. Sleep is divided into several phases or stages. Our body recovers during phases two and three of sleep, but generally, it works more during the first phase called Alpha. Thus, it is during the Alpha phase that our body has its full capacity to regenerate. During this phase, our system looks for available collagen amino acids and other important nutriments to transform them into essential elements for our body. The sleep cycle repeats in the same manner over many hours and we go through most sleep phases several times. The secret to build or repair the parts of the body consists in the ability to convert collagen into other necessary resources.

Therefore, in order to develop muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilages, and to regenerate the organs and skin, the organism has to go through a process of protein synthesis, which takes place precisely during the Alpha phase. Unfortunately, the protein synthesis is less efficient with aging and the regeneration process is slower. Genacol® proves to be an excellent nutritional supplement for the organism, as it supplies the body with the sequences of amino acids that support regeneration and synthesis of new proteins during sleep. Certainly, sleep is the base of regeneration and it is essential to our health.

We have covered a great part of the potential Genacol® has to offer. However, what about when we test our body during physical training or practicing sports? Unfortunately, the age groups do not matter; physical activities are the source of a great number of injuries.