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The cartilage is a dense, elastic and very rich in collagen (about 70%) conjunctive tissue.

It is found at the junction of several bone pieces of the skeleton. It looks like rubber that absorbs the impact due to movement. It is cool-white and smooth and it is about 3 mm thick. There are many kinds of cartilage; the one found in the knees or the discs between the vertebrae is very rich in fibers to improve movement. In children, we find growth cartilage, which is later transformed into bone, to allow the bone to lengthen.

The cartilage is a living tissue. It is formed by chondrocyte cells

(cartilaginous cells) that can be destroyed after a traumatism, an injury or an illness as arthritis. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, also known as "degenerative arthritis." It is associated to a selective destruction of cartilage cells in joints and it commonly affects the hips, knees, shoulders and spine. The lack of cartilage causes a slower healing, friction between the bones, pain and limitation of joint mobility.

The main reasons of the selective destruction of cartilage cells are caused by two phenomena. First, the production of collagen is reduced with the normal process of aging. Second, the blood’s immune system attacks the cartilage to develop antibodies. These antibodies turn themselves and attack what they now perceive as being the enemy: "collagen."

Consequently, the immune system’s response is to attack all the cartilage degenerating in the body. Thus, even if there is a problem in one single place, for example a wrist, both wrists, knees, hips and shoulders hurt.

During the last twenty-five years, the costs related to traditional treatments for arthritis rapidly increased worldwide from 65 billion dollars in 1994, to almost 500 billion nowadays. In fact, arthritis represents more than 20 000 deaths and two thousand hospitalizations every year plus the cost of medication. With sixty million Americans suffering from arthritis, we can say it is an epidemic. John Klippel, Medical Director, "Arthritis Foundation," states that it is time to act. Some clinical studies and testimonials have shown that products as Genacol® offer one of the most effective natural solutions.