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Several studies have already revealed the beneficial effects of certain nutriments regarding joint health. Hydrolyzed collagen proves to be, up to now, one of the most promising nutrition products.


Among others, a study carried out by re- searchers at the University of Kiel, of whom Dr. Steffen Oesser, Ph. D., associated to the Department of General and Thoracic Surgery, on the absorption rate and the levels of accumulation of hydrolyzed collagen in the joints and its absorption in the organism, allowed to demonstrate that:

"The fast absorption of hydrolyzed collagen by the intestinal tract doubled the amount of nutriments accumulated in the cartilaginous tissue of the treated subjects, comparatively to the control group."

These results show that the hydrolyzed collagen reaches the tissues and is able to accumulate there in the long term. The following stage of this study consisted in determining if the hydrolyzed collagen could have a positive influence on joints after its accumulation. Thanks to a cell culture model, the researchers were able to demonstrate that:

"The presence of hydrolyzed collagen as the one found in Genacol® stimulated the production of new collagen. However, ordinary collagen (non hydrolyzed) did not have this stimulating effect."

According to Dr. Oesser, these results are of major importance as they allow us to under- stand that the hydrolyzed collagen not only reaches the target joint tissue, but its presence is also able to positively transform the joint.

In a very significant three-month study intended to compare Genacol® with a liquid collagen and with a base collagen available on the market, Dr. Stephen Ho, Traumatologist, evaluated the effectiveness of these three products using five groups of subjects. Each group consisted of 30 subjects, all similar in size, weight, general health condition, age, and gender.

The first group was given Genacol® over a 90 day period; the second group was given a liquid collagen; the third group received a collagen supplement sold in pharmacies; the fourth group was given a placebo composed of neutral ingredients; the fifth group (the control group) was given nothing at all. A health checkup was carried out before and after the 90-day study to compare the groups. The group having taken Genacol® obtained the best results, followed by the group who took the liquid collagen, then the one who took the market collagen, then the placebo, and then the control group. The study was independent, and Dr. Ho was not subsidized by any commercial entity. Table 1 shows the results of this study.


The group who took Genacol® recorded considerable improvements on pain and skin quality. This group also recorded a considerable increase in its youth and vigor feelings. The group using a type II liquid collagen demonstrated improvements, but about 30% less favorable than the group having taken the unique matrix of Genacol®.

Group III, to whom a poultry-based market collagen was administered (predominantly type II), showed an improvement similar to the placebo group. However, this group showed only minor improvements. It is interesting to observe that different collagen by-products can show so many different results.

The placebo group, Group IV, which only received non-bioactive capsules, recorded minor improvements, which can be attributed to psychological factors, given that the subjects expected results. This group was unaware that they were not being given any collagen. The control group, Group V, was given neither type II collagen nor a placebo. This group also underwent a health checkup at the beginning and at the end of the study. A minor weight and body fat increase was observed for this group.

Dr. Ho concluded that:

"The Genacol® brand exclusive matrix using the Aminolock® Sequence Technology in its pure and dry state was superior to that of the liquid collagen or the one derived from poultry."

He also concluded that Genacol® considerably reduced pain and taken on a regular basis, resulted in a feeling of well-being and youthfulness. He also observed that the group taking Genacol® had more restful and longer sleep periods, as well as more energy during waking hours. He would recommend Genacol® without hesitation to all the people wanting to reduce pain caused by a lack of collagen. Please note that neither Dr. Ho, nor his clinic received any form of financial compensation for this comparative study.




Complementary study by Dr. Patrick Price


Dr. Patrick Price, a health professional from Houston, Texas, conducted another major independent study on Genacol®. He studied three groups of patients that were essentially identical. Dr. Price observed that Genacol® produced an easily observable increase in energy, an arthritic pain relief, as well as an improvement in skin texture compared to the groups taking the placebo, which had only minor improvements. The control group, similar to the one in Dr. Ho’s study, remained the same. The results from the research studies by Dr. Stephen Ho and Dr. Patrick Price agree with those from several other studies on collagen carried out across the world.