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Testimonials on the beneficial effects of Genacol®


Medica Solutions Pte Ltd has collected, on this page, some of the many testimonials it receives regularly from Genacol® users.

View the video testimonials from happy customers who have received positive health results by using Genacol®.

Jo Chia PDF Print E-mail




I’ve been taking Genacol for almost a year now.  I’m very happy with it as I’ve tried many types of pain relief vitamin supplements and medications.  Overall, I felt a significant improvement on my joints especially my knees, shoulders, neck and fingers.

Ms Jo Chia


James Lim Beow Choon PDF Print E-mail




I’m writing to say how much I appreciate Genacol products with which you have solved my countless pains I suffered all this years.

I was first introduced to Genacol products when I read through the monthly golf magazines.I simply made a call and was promptly introduced to the product even though it was a Sunday. I was grateful for the trouble the salesman have taken to introduced the products and comment on it in such detail

I suffered pains from my left knee for years and I try out the product at once and in a couple of months I see great result.

I have even recommended this product to all my friends with great confidence and I’ll not hesitate to do it again and again.

Thank you so much Genacol .


James Lim Beow Choon,


Yvan Cournoyer PDF Print E-mail

tem_cournoyer After a great career in the National Hockey League, I was suffering from multiple injuries. A couple of years ago I heard about Genacol®. I was really sceptical about the efficiency of all those natural products. In spite of this fact, I started to take it. Quickly I felt the difference. Since I had a knee injury which required surgery, Genacol® helped me to go on with all my activities without too much pain. Recently, I finally had my surgery and I have to say that Genacol® allowed me to recover in the most encouraging way!

So, I am now a spokesman for Genacol® and I talk about it to a lot of people. It's still a pleasure to hear from those people who come back and thank me for advising them about this great product! Also, my spouse is no longer suffering from a painful arm tendonitis. I am truly encouraging everybody who suffers from arthritis pain or joint pain to use this great Canadian product, Genacol®.

Thanks Genacol®!!!

#12 Yvan Cournoyer


Jacques Rougeau PDF Print E-mail


A year and a half ago, in a wrestling match, I seriously injured my left shoulder: tears in the ligaments and tendons of the shoulder. I really thought that it was the end of my career. Doctors pre-scribed anti-inflammatory drugs but unsuccessfully. The pain persisted. One day, one of my students suggested I try Genacol® but I was sceptical.

tem_rougeau Since I continued to do my training and as my injury still hurt a lot, I finally decided to take Genacol®. At the end of the first month, I already had very good results. Before beginning Genacol®, my shoulder worked only at 25 %. After two months of Genacol®, my shoulder has improved to 80 %!!! I learned that Genacol® helps to rebuild tissues, I know now that it's true because I am living proof!! I had excellent results with Genacol® and I confirm that it is a wonderful product! I want to suggest to all athletes who have joint pain or tendon or muscular pain to use Genacol®

I wrestle with my body and Genacol® help my body to wrestle!!!!


Congratulations and thanks to Genacol®

Jacques Rougeau
Professional wrestler


Genacol® is a miracle for me; I can tell you that since I've started using it, I have no more migraines because I sleep better. I no longer have pain in my arm joints and my legs. I can tell you that this product changed my life.

I want to thank Sonia Giguère from the Centre de Santé Métamorfit in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts for introducing me to your product.

Diane A. Raymond


Marie-Hélène Leboeuf PDF Print E-mail


tem_leboeuf Being a high-level athlete for many years, I often have to deal with injuries. For several months, I had to endure awful sciatic pain. Given my allergy to anti-inflammatory drugs, I did not know what to do anymore.

One day, someone told me about Genacol®, a product that could surely help me. A few months before the World Championship, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try this natural product. To my big surprise, the pain lessened and I rediscovered the flexibility that I had lost.

I kept on taking Genacol® and the pain completely disappeared. I came back from the World Championship injury-free and with two medals!


With Genacol®, I am a sure winner!

Marie-Hélène Leboeuf, 26-year old,
World Champion W.K.A. 2003-2005 Karate


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