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Even if hydrolyzed collagen in capsules or in liquid form coincide with the principle of relieving pain, it is important to mention the significant differences in their respective production methods.


When a liquid hydrolyzed collagen is produced, a product with good assimilation properties is obtained but, unfortunately, in return there is a non negligible inconvenient.

During the production process, if a hydrolyzed collagen powder is mixed with water, an instant reaction activates the molecules of collagen inside the bottle. This bioactivity is crucial to the quality of the product and has to be kept from the moment the product is introduced into the bottle. To keep this bioactivity in the long term, until the product is consumed, it is necessary to use preservative agents, which most of the time are not natural.

With regard to the hydrolyzed collagen found in Genacol® capsules, the situation is significantly different. Given that the mixture with water only takes place when you take the capsules, the bioactivity is generated during the normal process of digestion, so no preservative agents are required. This major advantage is one of the essential reasons why Genacol® is offered in the form of capsules. Consequently, with Genacol® you benefit from a high quality safe product, made from 100% pure collagen, easily assimilated and above all without preservative agents.