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Testimonials on the beneficial effects of Genacol®


Medica Solutions Pte Ltd has collected, on this page, some of the many testimonials it receives regularly from Genacol® users.

View the video testimonials from happy customers who have received positive health results by using Genacol®.

Mdm Aitiwati PDF Print E-mail



November ,2010

I am a hardworking person by nature. Managing, supervising, and giving practical training directly to my employees has always been my way of life since decades ago. This is also the reason Wang Lai delicacies are loved and well-known in Indonesia. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why I needed meniscus tear operation on my right knee in March 2010. I visited numerous doctors from August 2009 to March 2010. From local orthopedic surgeons to Malaysian surgeons in Malaka and experts in Singapore. From western consultants to chinese acupunture, and then, to Genacol.
My right knee started to ache and bulge in July 2009 during the busiest time of my yearly business span. I checked out the problem at ‘X Hospital’ in Medan. Seeing the famous ‘Dr A’ was my first resort to quickly eliminating the problem. He claimed insufficient lubricants on the right knee, and proposed to inject medication directly to the knee. The ache reduced, but the bulging did not. Two weeks after that (and standard consultations), the condition did not improve, and the doctor decided to extract some unknown liquid from my knee. It added to the pain massively and still did not stop the bulging. He then recommended us to see the orthopedic expert, ‘Dr B’.  He examined the problem and X-rayed my knee, recommended long term physiotherapy to solve the problem. Unfortunately, he did not pin point and tell me what was the problem with my knee at that time. He was also unable to forecast the length of treatment. I then checked out one chinese physician who recommended some herbs which actually did the trick for a few weeks. I then decided to check out a second opinion from another orthopedic expert, ‘Dr C’ who requested me to apply glucosamine balm directly to the knee, and also some oral medicine. The pain did vanish this time, and the bulging reduced but not vanished. Self physiotherapy moves were also taught by the good doctor to me during the recovery period. It might be the pain killer that took away the pain at that time. I knew this was not a long term solution, I still had to find out the root cause.
In August 2009, I visited Singapore with my husband who was having a check up in ‘Y Hospital’. I was recommended an orthopedic expert who examined my right knee, took an X-ray photo of my leg and told me there was no problem with my knee. I was told to exercise moderately. The problem was, the professor did not understand that I was not born with a  bulging right knee!! I was even branded too paranoid. Later I visited another chinese acupunturist in Bedok who extracted some bad blood off my knee, which really  eased the pain and bulging. The quest stopped after that, thinking that the best doctors in Singapore would be mistaken.
One calm afternoon in March 2010, I lost my mobility completely. It came striking so fast, that I could barely move my knees. I had to sit on a plastic chair and pull using my hands to move. It was my first encounter with the wheel chair. It was the worst moment of my life. I was quickly recommended to Melaka in Malaysia because it was the nearest known city with good medical facilities. In ‘Z Hospital’, I did an MRI scan, and found meniscus tear on my right knee. ‘Dr. D’  recommended tear removal the next day by scope operation. It is considered a medium grade operation. I checked out a second opinion with ‘Dr E’ in the same hospital, who advised that he could inject some medication to the knee, and I could continue to take oral medication. This advice balanced the odds, so I decided to check out the third opinion. My son brought me to another hospital and to ‘Dr F’ . The good doctor did not even check the MRI scans. He read the summary and sent us to his nurse for operation appointment. We then decided to trust ‘Dr E’, but his nurse told us he was not available that afternoon, and would not do the injection even if we waited until the next day. This clearly meant he was unable to adhere to what he prescribed before. With about half a dozen patients staring at us, we stormed out. We were so upset that we decided to leave Melaka the same day, going to Singapore.
In Singapore, we consulted a famous orthopedic surgeon in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. He advised to go on with the meniscus tear removal operation. We enquired about the effects if we did not undergo the operation. Pain was the answer. I would feel pain, and even worse pain if i did not opt for operation. Eventually, I would have to go for knee scalp replacement in few sweet years. If I went for operation, the knee scalp replacement could be delayed for 5-10 years.
At this point, I was so frustated that I lost 5 kg in a week. But in one sparkling moment, I suddenly recalled that all the consultations we got were from the surgeons. How about the opinion of the orthopedic experts who do not do operation? I promised myself, if this last consultation told me to go for operation, I’d directly sign the papers.
We checked out the alternatives, and found ‘PAIN RELIEF’ section. My son quickly got in touch with ‘Dr G’ from the Pain Relief Clinic in Orchard Rd. He was very supportive, and told us the operation would definely  stop the pain. But there were alternatives to operation. He introduced ‘Genacol’.
I started using Genacol in March 2010. Two capsules every night non stop with light self-physiotherapy and total rest to my knees. In two months, the bulging reduced, and on the third month, the pain was completely gone. I was even accused of going for aesthetic face operation by my friend. My face seems to be more radiant after consuming Genacol. Never known accusation can be so sweet. I have been taking Genacol every night since then. Recently I decided to go for another MRI scan to check my right knee condition. I did the scan in KPJ specialist Hospital Johore and it says the knee is normal now.
I’m grateful to ‘Dr G’ and Genacol, which returned my life to normal. It also makes me feel better every day. I’ll continue to recommend Genacol to people with the similar problem. Viva Genacol !!

Mdm Ainiwati


Chia Wei Hong PDF Print E-mail



July ,2010

My neck and upper traps tightness and burning pain (possibly aggravated by cervical spondylosis) was so bad that it often ruined my sleep.  It was noticeably reduced even just three days (DAYS)  after taking Genacol in October last year!!! 

The ‘elastic’ feeling during stretches had significantly disappeared two years ago and instead I had become injury prone.  But now, eight months into Genacol, my hard-earned flexibility slowly seem to make a come-back.  My loss of finger strength is also less obvious.  Also, I play the piano now without any pain in my fingers, wrists and forearms. 

The increasing stiffness (especially in the morning) and cracking muscular pain after exercise has gradually abated.  It was like a baker who needed that little teaspoon of baking soda to make the cake rise – Genacol is that teaspoon of miracle to me! 

I will recommend Genacol to anyone, forties and above, regardless of an active or sedentary lifestyle, for the relief of joint and muscular stiffness and pain.  Don’t suffer needlessly because of age when there is a solution which works miraculously with exercise, stretches, balanced nutritious diet, on top of the usual health supplements, eg calcium, multi-vit, fish-oil,etc 

Chia Wei Hong (Ms)


M.F.Chan PDF Print E-mail




I have used Genacol  Instant  on my knee which has become arthritic and have found it very good.

A few years ago I used to do a great deal of jogging and cycling.  My knee became very painful and swollen resulting in pain on walking and severe pain on using the stairs.  Since using the product Genacol I have made very good progress. I do not even walk with a limp like I used to.

Having used Genacol it has allowed me to go to the Gym and exercise on the cycling machine without any ill effects.

I thoroughly recommend anyone with any skeletal-muscular disorder to use this product.



Clarence Chan PDF Print E-mail




Following taking Genacol, here is my testimony:

Since my knee injury during varsity time, I could only manage 2.4km IPPT run and even then, I had to go to the gym to strengthen my knee cap.  I have never considered running marathons or triathlons since then.

Then in early 2009, I was introduced to Genacol by my gym instructor.  I was to take part in my first triathlon and the training on the run was causing much pain to both my knees.  The knee raise exercise was still not good enough for regular runs and certainly not more than 3km!

After taking Genacol intensively for the 1st month, the pain seemed to have subsided.  It did ont occur as often and I was starting to cover up to 5km, with occasional pain only!  I still had to do the leg raise in addition to taking Genacol before doing any runs.

In 2009, I managed to complete 2 triathlons (spring distances) including a 21 km marathon!

In 2010, I have taken 2 triathlons with one Olympic distance and I am now preparing for my full marathon run end-May  I am still facing the pain due to my frequent travels and irregular training (gym-leg raises) which involved runs.

I am certain that Genacol helps but must be used together with my own physical therapy.  I will continue my gm exercises and hope that I would be ready to take on the 42.195km marathon end May!

Thank you for this product and I am now taking Genacol consistently.

The other benefit is that my skin seemed to have improved as well!  Less wrinkles despite the frequent exposure to the sun.

I encourage people with knee problems to consider taking Genacol.  The collagen really helps to give back the running legs......

Clarence Chan,


Zainol Abidin Ahmad PDF Print E-mail




After my knee micro surgery in April 2009, I had stiff knee and pain everytime I walk long distances.I started to take Genacol in July 2009 and after 6 weeks I found my knee becomes less stiff and walking better.

As time goes by, after taking 3 bottles of Genacol, and in doing so, my physiotherapy and knee exercises become less troublesome and become better.

Thank you Genacol.


Zainol Abidin Ahmad,




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