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Genacol®, reduces pain from arthritis and rheumatism, regenerates cartilage and ligaments, increases muscle tone and mass and much more




GENACOL®: A revolution in the world of natural health



In past decades, the continuous evolution of research and technologies in the health field has pushed back the limits of the knowledge of the human being regarding different possibilities to regenerate the body. Genacol® is in the vanguard of its field, regarding the usage of collagen amino acids intended to help in the relief of joint pain. To more precisely understand the importance and extent of the potential of Genacol®, let us cover some important points


What sets Genacol® apart from the other products on the market?


Developed for over twenty years by our Research and Development Division, the Aminolock® Sequence Technology, exclusive to Genacol® offers an amino acid complex with benefits ten times superior to those of the normal hydrolyzed collagen. This innovation, unique to DirectLab Inc. (manufacturer of Genacol®) rapidly generates exceptional results for those who desire an efficient relief of pain. Genacol® is the only available product with a specific combination of amino acids.

Genacol® is a safe substance, which allows the supply of the necessary elements to provide nutritional support for the organism in its regeneration and production of collagen efforts. It shows exceptional results in the human body if it is used regularly. It is offered in 400 mg capsules without any preservative agents or fillers. DirectLab Inc. provides the opportunity to get a high quality product, manufactured according to the highest biotechnological standards in conformity with all the governmental requirements.

To really understand what sets the exclusive formula of Genacol® apart from other products available, it is important to understand well the definition of "hydrolyzed".  All forms of hydrolyzed collagen offered on the market reach the packaging laboratory as a powder.  However, during the process of manufacturing, before they reach the laboratory as a powder, it is necessary to use water.  This water contributes to the predigestoin of the collagen protein, which improves the bioactivity, the intestinal assimilation and the reduction of the molecular. 

With regard to the intestinal assimilation and the molecular weight, a question arises:  Is it possible to amplify its potential?  The answer is yes, and to do so, we have to understand what the molecular weight is.  When collagen is hydrolyzed, the enzymatic process breaks down the protein into many little fragments called "peptides".  The molecular weight is related to the length of these fragments.  The smaller they are, the better the assimilation is. 

Thanks to the Aminolock® Sequence Technology, exclusive to Genacol®, we have considerably increased the bioactivity by selecting and concentrating certain sequences of amino acids (peptides), promoting and even more efficient reduction of the molecular weight and a greater assimilation, compared to a normal hydrolyzed collagen.

No other collagen products have the high specific amino acid concentration found in Genacol®.

logo_aminolockAminoLock® Sequence Technology exclusive to Genacol®