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How the body rebuilds itself PDF Print E-mail


Whether the body can efficiently rebuild and repair itself is dependent upon its ability to convert one body resource into another. This process of protein synthesis is a metabolic process requiring collagen as a catalyst. As collagen diminishes in the body, both the resource and the catalyst are reduced.

Many elements can harm and also reduce our body's collagen production. Smoking, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, coffee, intensive stress and excessive physical training are some of the responsible elements. Also, infections, pollution and bad climatic conditions, medication and drugs impoverish our organism.

Collagen synthesis is something that those of us who wish to look and feel younger must be interested in. Therefore, any food supplement that can enhance the rebuilding or the healing process of our body is something that we should strongly consider.

Producers of health food supplements have consistently recognized the need for collagen supplementation. The body manufactures its own collagen every single day, but since production diminishes with age, the available supply of collagen quickly becomes less than enough. Deterioration of various body parts gradually follows. The first signs are wrinkling of the skin and the beginning of unexplained joint pain. Those wrinkles and joint pains only are a part of the effects. As health begins inside the body, the secret to a young and healthy appearance is to act on the cause of the deterioration before it takes hold.


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