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Reduce your joint pain in less than 5 days!

About Genacol

Genacol® reduces pain from arthritis and rheumatism, regenerates cartilage and ligaments, increases muscle tone and mass and much more.

Genacol® is in the vanguard of its field, regarding the usage of collagen amino acids intended to help in the relief of joint pain. To more precisely understand the importance and extent of the potential of Genacol®, let us cover some important points.

Why Genacol?

Developed for over twenty years by our Research and Development Division, the AminoLock® Sequence Technology, exclusive to Genacol® offers an amino acid complex with benefits ten times superior to those of the normal hydrolyzed collagen.

Clinical Studies

Several studies have already revealed the beneficial effects of certain nutriments regarding joint health. Hydrolyzed collagen proves to be, up to now, one of the most promising nutrition products.

Reduce Your Joint Pain Naturally!

Our exclusive AminoLock® Collagen has the smallest molecular size in the world, allowing superior absorption for better results. Discover our full range products, combining high quality ingredients, specially designed for joint health.

Happy Customer


I have been using the Genacol® Original Formula since 2004. When I started using it, I quickly noticed a difference. Having a knee injury that required surgery, I was able to continue carrying out regular activities without difficulty. The results pushed me to become a spokesperson for Genacol and I talk about it to a lot of people. I am pleased to see people come back to thank me for having recommended the product. My wife, who suffered from tendonitis of the arm, has no more pain. I encourage people suffering from osteoarthritis or joint pain to take this fantastic Canadian product.

Congratulations and thank you Genacol!

- Yvan Cournoyer

Retired Hockey Player


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