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Genacol Original Formula is the number 1 natural product in Quebec to relieve joint pain.
It helps to reduce joint pain related to arthrosis (osteoarthritis)

90 capsules
150 capsules
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Only Genacol products contain AminoLock® Collagen with efficacy that has been demonstrated by three conclusive clinical studies.

This unique technology is currently being patented. AminoLock® Collagen has the lowest molecular weight in the world, allowing for better absorption and improved results.

Feel the difference Genacol!

Genacol Original Formula is the number 1 natural product in Quebec to relieve joint pains. It helps to reduce joint pain related to arthrose (osteoarthritis).

Genacol Original Formula is a bioactive complex of hydrolysat of collagen which the efficiency was scientifically proven in 3 published clinical trials.

The importance of collagen : the collagen is the fibrous structural protein which makes up the white fibers (collagen fibers) of the skin, the tendons, the bones, the cartilages and all the connective tissues. The collagen is the protein which makes up the support of the structure of the body. With the ageing, our body produces less and less collagen, a lack of collagen is translated by the degenerative osteoarthritis, the joint pains, the pains in the back, the wrinkles, the lack of strength, flexibility and much more.

Only Genacol products contain the Aminolock® Sequence Technology, which is a specific raising of amino acides that we lose most with the ageing, to maximize the results of the product.

Furthermore, Genacol Original Formula is a supplement which contributes to the formation of the connective tissue, as well as to the development and to the preservation of the cartilage. Genacol Original Formula allows to obtain exceptional results in the human body when it is consumed on a regular basis.

We recommend taking Genacol Original Formula to people who:

  • Want to maintain healthy cartilage
  • Suffer from joint pain (such as in the knee, the hip, the fingers and so on)
  • Suffer from limited movements
  • Have diseases of the joints
  • Have a sports injury
  • Suffer from overworked joints

Dosage (adult) :

Take one dose (3 capsules) daily at bedtime

Precautions and warnings:

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Consult a healthcare practitioner before usage if you have liver disease or kidney disease or if you are following a low protein diet.

Each dose (3 capsules) contains:

Medicinal ingredients:
Hydrolyzed AminoLock collagen from bovine…………1200 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate.

What is Genacol Original Formula?
Genacol Original Formula is 100% Collagen AminoLock whose effectiveness has been scientifically demonstrated in three published clinical studies.

Genacol Original Formula is the number 1 natural product in Quebec to relieve joint pain.
It helps to reduce joint pain related to arthrose(osteoarthritis)

Is Genacol Original Formula assimilated by the organism?
Yes, absolutely, thanks to an enzymatic procedure and its AminoLock Sequence Technology, which reduces the molecular weight, Genacol allows an even more efficient intestinal assimilation.

Can I take Genacol Original Formula at the same time as other medication or supplements?
There is no known drug interaction with the intake of Genacol which is, above all, a concentrated protein complex also considered as a nutritional supplement. If in doubt, we recommend you get the opinion of a health care practitioner, such as a pharmacist.
However, as precaution, it is always preferable to wait two hours between your medication and any natural product.


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